LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A forum to discuss budget concerns and changes at the University of Louisville turned confrontational Monday, when administrators and educators balked at the possibility of having to give up money they raised on their own. 

University of Louisville interim president Greg Postel convened the forum to discuss upcoming changes, and administrators, faculty, staff and students packed Floyd Theater to voice their concerns. 

"What happens at the end of the year? The central administration -- the 'they' he's talking about -- comes along and takes whatever we didn't spend," said Al Futrell, chairman of the school's communication department. 

Many department chairs are upset about being told they'll have to turn over money they raised on their own. Some have been told they'll be allowed to keep only about 25 percent of the money they've generated.

"We generated this money," Futrell said. "We have nothing to do with the screw up at the central administration that caused this $48 million shortfall."

Postel says he inherited the school's financial problems and is trying to fix them. And he says no money has been taken from any of the departments.

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