Ozzy the dog has a full day of activities planned when he gets dropped off at Pet Station Country Club for daycare each day.

He can work on his agility and balance on the obstacle course in the indoor dog park. He can swim in the doggie mineral pool, or he can hang with his pals in the luxury lounge.

“We designed [the luxury lounge] to look like a living room in your normal house,” said Scott Burnley, owner of Pet Station Country Club.

The country club is the first of its kind in Louisville. It's a new boarding, daycare, grooming and training resort. There are cat condos, but it's mostly for the dogs.

The resort uses aromatherapy and lavender to help the pets relax.

“We spray it on their beds, and we spray it on their coats,” Burnley said.

Dog parents can schedule a haircut or a bath. When pets check in for a longer stay, there's classical music playing in the premium suites.

“We have memory foam mattresses, which are nicer than the bed I sleep on at night,” Burnley said. “We also have Pet Chats, which is the parent to dog communication system. So essentially it's facetime for dogs.”

Ozzy's mom can talk to him when she’s away at work or on vacation. She doesn't feel guilty for leaving him, because there's a good chance he's having a better day than she is.

The Pet Station Country Club is on Murphy Lane in east Louisville. To schedule a tour or an evaluation, click here

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