LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A local rapper believes a fight may have led to a fatal weekend shooting in west Louisville.

DeQuan Charles, aka "Lil' De," says a show started out Saturday night at the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery in Louisville with a positive energy.

"I was so excited ... It was a different feeling," Charles said.

But that quickly changed, he said.

"It made my heart pump. Everybody was just pushing back."

Charles is an up-and-coming rapper and was the opening act Saturday when several people were shot. He doesn't know who pulled the trigger but may know why.

"There was actually a fight that broke out after the second performer," he said.

Charles said things eventually calmed down, but it didn't last.

"And then boom boom boom," he recalled. "I heard six shots the first time ... The shots were so close to me." 

Charles said there was chaos and hundreds of people running from the concert. And once outside, there was more gunfire.

"I got outside with my friends, and I hid behind our car ... And you heard, boom boom boom boom, again."

When the gunfire stopped, six people had been shot and 20-year old Savannah Walker was dead.

Charles believes there may have been more than one shooter.

"There were two rounds of shots," he said. "There was two sets of shots. My friend said it sounded like two guns, actually."

Charles doesn't know who pulled the trigger but is asking anyone who does to call police.

"I would expect the same if I were to get shot," he said. "I want people to think ... think as if they were in Savannah's shoes."

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