CLARK COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) – A southern Indiana man said he was attacked and robbed on his way to work Monday morning.

Becky Davis said after her husband, Larry Paul, left the house that morning, she had an odd feeling something was wrong. She said she called his cell phone, but he did not answer.

"Few minutes later, the phone rings, and it was him," she said. "But no one was there. And I kept saying, ‘Hello, hello, hello!’ And then that's when I knew something was wrong. I got really scared.”

Davis said Paul eventually broke the silence and was trying to catch his breath as he described what happened.

“He's like, ‘I just literally got robbed,’” Davis said. “He goes, ‘They jerked me out of my company vehicle, beat me with a baseball bat.’"

Davis said Paul told her he was at the stop sign by the second set of railroad tracks, heading south on Utica Road in Sellersburg. Paul described seeing a person outside his truck and cracked his window open. He told his wife he thought the person was asking for help.

"And they reached in, “opened up my door, jerked me out," said Davis, recounting her husband’s story. "Took all his credit cards, all of his money."

Davis said two people wearing hoodies and gloves pulled him out of the white pickup truck, beat him, stole his wallet and ran off.

She said she has no idea how her husband then managed to get back in his truck and drive the rest of the way to work. Paul works at a company a half mile down Utica Road from where he said he was robbed. Davis said when Paul called her, he was at work. She said that is when she called an ambulance to pick him up and she also called police.

The spokesman for the Clark County Sheriff’s Department said a call was made just after 7 a.m. to report the robbery.

"He reported that he stopped at a stop sign,” said Capt. Scotty Maples. “A male approached him. Another male came up to the vehicle also. He was pulled from the vehicle and beaten, and they stole his wallet."

Maples said Paul described the suspects to the officer as teenage males.

"We checked the area,” Maples said. “Though there was an extended amount of time before this was reported to us, we still checked the area and some residences in that area. We didn't locate any suspects at that time, so we'll just continue the investigation from here on out."

Davis said doctors at Clark Memorial Hospital took X-rays of Paul’s head, face and rib injuries. She said they sent him home but suggested he get checked out by his family doctor as well.

Davis said she’s sure someone must have seen something, and hopes the public will help solve this case.

"I'm begging you,” Davis said. “With everything in me, help me find out who robbed and hurt my husband.”

If you saw or heard anything that might help police, you can call the Clark County Sheriff’s Department at 812-283-4471.

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