FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Franklin County sheriff's detectives hit the front door of a suspected drug dealer's home with a battering ram last week on Centennial Drive in Frankfort.

"(I was) freaking out," said Lynn, who lived next door. "And I hear, 'Get down now!' and then I hear a loud -- sounded like a gunshot at first."

It happened on Centennial Drive in Frankfort on March 29.

Alex Giles, another neighbor, said it shook the apartment.

"One of the officers was in SWAT gear, and I seen one of those shields that had "Sheriff" on it," Giles said. 

Police said they found Krystal Griffin and Joseph Johnson inside the apartment.

"He immediately sprang up and ran to the bathroom, but his bag of marijuana stopped the cocaine from going down the toilet," said Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton.

Melton said the raid was part of an undercover investigation, and that's why detectives hit two other homes at the same time. In the other locations, police arrested Martinez Larry and Jeremy Howard.

"Both Martinez Larry and Joey Johnson were in possession of loaded pistols at the time of the execution of the search warrant," Melton said.

Police say they uncovered money, illegal drugs and several weapons.

"These guys are convicted felons, and they have no right to have or be in possession of these firearms," Melton said..

And that's why the sheriff said it was a good day.

"Nobody got shot, bad guys went to jail, good guys come home," Melton said.

On Sunday, Franklin County Sheriff's detectives also arrested Allen King. Police say King is from St. Louis and don't believe there's a connection to the other arrests, but he was allegedly caught with a stolen gun and marijuana.

This is an ongoing investigation, meaning there could be more arrests.

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