JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) – With less than a month left to prepare, police in Jeffersonville are finalizing its plans for Thunder over Louisville on April 22.

On Monday, Jeffersonville Police released its "event area" map for this year’s Thunder Over Louisville. According to organizers, this has not changed from years past.

"Since it's been going on for so long, we've got the luxury now of being able to take the positives from the years past and allowing for some tweaks to allow for everything to run more smooth," said Jeffersonville Police Sgt. Isaac Parker.

All businesses in the shaded area of the map will receive a certified letter from police stating how to obtain parking passes for employees and guests:

People with homes located in the area will have to provide a photo ID and proof of residency to get past the barricades and to their homes. Any resident that is expecting guests will have to obtain a guest pass from Jeffersonville Police prior to the event. Parking will not be allowed on the street.

“What we do is take our cars off-site the day before and bring them back the night of so we just don't have a car that day,” said Barry Schowe, who lives at The Harbor condominiums in Jeffersonville.

Schowe throws a party for Thunder Over Louisville every year.

"A lot of people park a couple miles away and walk, and then there's a friend of ours that has a business that shuttles people down here the morning of," Schowe said.

However, according to police, this year may be a bit different as far as traffic is concerned. This will be the first year the new Lewis and Clark Bridge will be open for the event.

"Big change, game changer this year," Parker said. "East End Bridge is going to allow traffic to move more smoothly downtown ironically."

The plan is to force as many drivers east as possible once the event is over.

"If you want to go south, go as far east as you can," Parker said. "You want to go west? The fastest way to go west is to go east."

Police still urge patience if you’re planning to travel across the area for Thunder.

"It's definitely a challenge when you have that many people in an area that’s normally not that large," Parker added. 

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