SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Dozens of Cub Scouts in Shepherdsville say they are being kicked out of a community building they helped build a decade ago.

On Monday night, nearly two dozen Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Eagle Scouts gathered during the Shepherdsville City Council meeting.

Two weeks ago, Mayor Curtis Hockenbury was the deciding vote to approve changing the current Community Center into offices for Public Works. The mayor would also like to charge $75 per night for any group, including non-profits, to use the space.

“Why would I look somewhere else and erect another building for thousands and thousands of dollars when we have one right there in the same parking lot,” Mayor Hockenbury asked.

In 2006, many scouts donated man hours to help build the community center into what it is today. In return, they could use the space for free. No contract was signed to do so, but instead the scout leaders agree it was a gentleman’s agreement.

“We helped you have a community center right now," scoutmaster James Poyner told the council Monday. "If it wasn’t for this unit, you probably wouldn’t have one."

The scouts had originally planned a protest outside the Shepherdsville city building, but storms caused them to cancel the protest but still sit in for the meeting.

In November, the council agreed the scouts could stay in the building, but the re-vote two weeks ago changed that, something the mayor said a council can do on issues.

Hockenbury has given the scouts options of where to go. Offers on the table include using the gym in the government building, the city council chambers, which can be split in two, or adding a storage building onto the property for the scout’s supplies.

The scouts have until May 1 to make a decision on what do to, but the mayor says he would be willing to extend that deadline.

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