SHEPERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After being open for nearly 60 years, Pet Haven Cemetery in Shepherdsville says it's closing. 

And some pet owners say they're being asked to dig up their pets.

On March 27, Pet Haven Cemetery wrote on its Facebook page after a pet owner mentioned her pet markers were missing. The cemetery wrote: "We are closing the cemetery down." 

When asked what will happen to the pets, the cemetery replied, "You may move them up until next month then private property posts will go up."

Some pet owners have complained about the high grass and upkeep of this pet cemetery. Vana Sanchez says she helped clean up the cemetery with the owner a couple of years ago, and her family had wanted to take ownership of the cemetery.

"Over there, something has been dug up," Sanchez said. "They put plywood over it to hide it or what not. I don't know. Over there are several others dug up. It's a mess." 

Some tell WDRB News they paid $300 for the pet grave plots. John Kammerer's family has eight pets buried at the cemetery.

"I don't see how a cemetery can close, especially if you have paid money," Kammerer said. "That's not the issue. It's a resting place whether people think it's crazy or not. It's a resting place for something that somebody loved, part of somebody's life, memories."

The Bullitt County Attorney's Office says it's not aware of any state laws that involve pet remains. The laws all deal with human remains or dead people. The office says it would be more of a civil case if there are contractual issues between the pet owners and the cemetery owner.

"Just looking at it, it's a mess," Sanchez said. "People pay hundreds of dollars just to have their pet buried here, and you can't get to half of the graves. It's sad."

Some pet owners say they haven't been contacted about removing their pets.

"It's sad," Leslie Kammerer, who was visiting her pets' graves Wednesday. "What are people supposed to do with the animals they love and have here? What are they supposed to do?"

The cemetery owner has not returned our calls for comment.

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