EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- The body of a 19-year-old disabled Evansville woman has been found in a vacant home.

As police acted on a tip, Aleah Beckerle's body was discovered Monday, eight months after she disappeared. Police say an autopsy confirmed her identity Wednesday.

Beckerle was reported missing last July. Family members said she needed daily care, medication and a wheelchair. Medicine to control her severe seizures was left behind at her house.

Evansville police Capt. Andy Chandler says he won't call it a homicide investigation while the coroner's office is trying to determine the cause of death. Nonetheless, he says the case now has a "new beginning."

Det. Brent Melton of the Evansville Police Department says the case isn't going to end here.

"I can say that I'm going to move on to the next phase, and I'm not gonna stop, and I'm not gonna put any less effort," Det. Melton said. "I'm going to continue to work as hard as I possibly can to find the person or persons responsible for her death."

An aunt, Laura Jackson, says it's "devastating" to know that Beckerle probably was in the home for months. She says the person who's responsible will be found.

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