LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Charlestown, Indiana, councilwoman took a fight for her community to Washington, D.C.

Tina Barnes lives in the Pleasant Ridge community. Her testimony before a congressional committee Thursday was part of a hearing on the Private Property Rights Protection Act, which aims to protect property owners' rights.

People who live in Pleasant Ridge claim the city fined property owners for code violations in a ploy to force people out of their homes.

Barnes says the mayor also misled the federal government in seeking funding for a plan to redevelop the area with luxury homes.

"It's been extremely difficult for the adults involved, but can you imagine what this is doing to our children?" Barnes asked. "How are they going to respect government after being treated this way?"

Barnes testified on behalf of the more than 300 residents, many of whom are retirees, veterans and people with limited incomes. She says many of them will have no place to go if they lose their homes.

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