An anonymous letter with racial slurs was sent to a southern Indiana couple, saying in part, "Get out of our neighborhood."

The letter was addressed to Shana Evans, who said she won't let hateful words run her out of her home.

"The first thing that jumped out was to "Get Out," Evans said.

The letter tells Evans and her fiance, who is white, to leave their Jeffersonville neighborhood.

"This is 2017," she said. "I didn't know that I had to comply by anybody's guidelines or to live in this specific neighborhood."

Evans has lived in the Pebble Creek subdivision for 11 years without problems. 

"I really do feel like I'm back in the times," she said. "Now it's like I have to watch my every step, because I don't know who's watching me or who's making judgment on me."

The letter includes racial slurs and states: "We wish we didn't have to see the race mixing on a daily basis" and "I'm being the mouthpiece of the whole neighborhood."

Neighbors say they're disgusted by the letter and that it doesn't represent the neighborhood's views.

"It's absolutely not what this neighborhood is like," Nathan Powell said. "I'm really embarrassed. If I could say anything to that couple, I'd say those people don't know what they're talking about."

Evans appreciates the support of her neighbors and has a few words for the anonymous sender.

"I'm sorry that my relationship makes you uncomfortable, but I'm happy," she said. "And I wish you would find help."

Police say the sender could face charges, such as intimidation. Anyone with information should call Jeffersonville Police at (812) 218-TIPS.

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