LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Gun rights advocates will walk around the University of Louisville campus Friday with their guns.

The walk began at 11:30 a.m. The group is not allowed to walk on the campus itself.

The university sent an alert to students and staff earlier this week to make them aware of the event.

Gun rights advocates can have long rifles, pistols, or gun replicas, but they must remain holstered or strapped at all times during the walk.

"The organizers of this event have been in contact with our police force, with LMPD, with our legal counsel and with our dean of students office," said U of L spokesperson John Karman. "They've kept us up to date with their plans, step-by-step. We're aware of what they're going to do. They're aware of what they cannot do. We expect the event to go off without any problems on Friday."

Organizers say the event is about opening a dialogue.

"The goal of this walk is really to invite and bring people in," said Ilya Chernyavskiy, a student and gun rights advocate. "For those students who are against it or have strong feelings about it, come and talk to us, but please be respectful and polite."

Some students, though, are concerned about the open carry nature of the walk.

"That is scary," said student Nadia Hamid.

"I definitely don't feel safe," said student John Rhodes. "I would like for them to have it somewhere else or just not even have it at all."

But not all students, however, are opposed to the walk.

"It's their right, so they can do what they want with it," James Daily said.

Advocates could be in a few areas near campus: Third Street, University and Cardinal Boulevards, and Floyd and Brook Streets. 

Anyone who participates must keep their guns strapped or holstered at all times. 

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