LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Barbara Sumner and others are taking their pets away from the Shepherdsville Pet Cemetery in containers. 

"It's devastating," she said. These animals were my children. I never had any children."

After Bullitt County officials told the owner of the cemetery, Patricia Karsner, she could be charged criminally for not cleaning this place up. So she said she decided to sell it.

"I never asked anyone to dig up their pets," Karsner said. I just let them know I'd be selling it." 

Karsner says her injured arm is a reason why she can't take care of the cemetery, and she blames Radcliff Police.

"It affects everything," she said. "The way I fix my hair ... every aspect of my life has been affected."

Police body camera video shows officers arresting Karsner and one saying, "I think I just broke her arm."

Karsner filed a federal lawsuit against against the Radcliff Police Department and others for this incident in September 2015. She was in the middle of a custody battle with the father of her children. Police are not commenting on the lawsuit.

"She has 10 centimeters of dead diseased arm that is still broken in three places," said her attorney, Jeffrey Sexton. "It is still completely unattached and disjointed."

On Friday, Karsner says she sold the cemetery to a person who will keep it a pet cemetery, a person she said wants to remain anonymous.

Karsner will not say how much she sold it for or how to get in contact with the new owner. She said she purchased the cemetery about five years ago and has five family pets buried there. 

The cemetery is now full of holes as people dug for their pets this week. She estimates about 800 pets are buried at the cemetery, which opened in 1960.

"I had no ill intent for the cemetery or any of the pets of people," Karsner said.

"What I would like to see happen to those officers is adequate training, and it would be nice if they would apologize to Ms. Karsner, but we are going to force an apology in the form of a federal lawsuit settlement," Sexton said.

Karsner said she plans to move out of Kentucky soon.

Below is a copy of the lawsuit:

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