ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- A Kentucky teen who is fighting cancer has a special birthday wish. He wants birthday cards -- and he's given out his address so you can send them.

"It’s been a tough couple years," Diane Stamper said.

In 2013, two days before Diane Stamper's son, Aaron, turned 13, he was rushed to the hospital.

"They came in and told us he had a mass over his heart," Diane Stamper said.

Aaron was diagnosed with lymphoblastic T-cell two leukemia. He has been fighting ever since his diagnosis.

Just a little more than one year later, in April 2015, Diane's other son, Ethan, was killed in a car accident.

"They told us that it took him instantly that he didn't suffer. Losing him has been the hardest thing in my life," Stamper said through tears.

But the Stamper family isn't focusing on their grief. This past Christmas, the Make-a-Wish Foundation granted Aaron one wish.

"His wish was to make sure all the kids had a toy on Christmas while he was in the hospital," Diane Stamper said.

Although the foundation agreed to make sure every child had a toy on Christmas, Stamper says they told Aaron he needed to choose a wish for himself.

So he asked for Christmas cards.

"So many people sent him Christmas cards and he reads every one of them," Stamper said.

And now as Aaron's 16th birthday approaches on Monday, he is asking for the same special gift.

And after just two days, Stamper says the response has been amazing.

"Birthday wishes for whatever happens today, tomorrow, and always. Happy Birthday Aaron. From Carol Lee, Flee and Jessie. I hope all your dreams come true. God Bless," Stamper said as she read one of the hundreds of cards Aaron has received in the past two days.

Earlier Thursday afternoon, the Stamper family received another special surprise. Kentucky State Police troopers showed up to their home and replaced their mailbox, so they could have one that could accommodate all of the cards.

And it doesn't stop there. Governor Matt Bevin sent out a tweet Thursday encouraging people to send Aaron a birthday card.

WKYT wasn't able to talk to Aaron because he is in isolation until his white blood cell count increases.

Diane tells WKYT she and Aaron have read each and every card he has received. She says his plan is to fill his bedroom walls with cards because they fill him with hope.

"He can look back on them and read them and remember how many people were praying for him at a time he needed prayer," Diane Stamper said.

Diane says her family is truly thankful for these true acts of kindness that are coming from complete strangers.

Cards can be mailed to:

Aaron Stamper
2795 Pea Ridge Road
Irvine, KY

Special thanks to WKYT for allowing WDRB-TV to re-print this story.