LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- American flags line the entrance to Cave Hill Cemetery where fallen LMPD Officer Nick Rodman will be laid to rest on Tuesday. But back where he patrolled every day, as blue ribbons line the block on 29th Street, neighbors tell us he made a difference. 

"I wanted the officers, as well as the officer's family, to see that we respect and honor him," Robin Hund Branham said.

Tributes surround Branham's house. Blue tape is tied around trees, utility poles and even her fence out front.

"I hope his family knows that we are thinking about them, and most definitely our officers know that we are thinking about them," she said.

Rodman patrolled these streets.

"He was very, very kind. He helped me a lot," said Branham, who recalled a time her cousin was overdosing on drugs.

She said LMPD officers helped save her cousin's life. Rodman was one of them. "I remember seeing his face and him patting me on my shoulder, trying to get me to calm down," she said.

LMPD's First Division building is just down the street. That's where someone stopped a LMPD cruiser with a bouquet of blue flowers.

Outside the building, more ribbons and signs honor the fallen officer, friend and hero.

"It's very emotional to walk outside the house, not knowing that the whole block was gonna follow suit with the ribbons," Branham said. "It was amazing."

Robin says she'll keep the ribbons up all week, probably even longer.

"It might be they might just fade away," she said. "I don't think I'm gonna take them down." 

It's a sign neighbors won't forget the work Officer Rodman did in their neighborhood.

A memorial service will be held at Southeast Christian Church at 11 a.m. Tuesday, followed by a graveside service at Cave Hill Cemetery.

Click here to see Tuesday's full schedule, including the procession route.

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