The neighborhood LMPD Officer Nick Rodman patrolled is blue in honor of the fallen police officer.

In Portland, neighbors pay tribute after tragedy. They say Rodman went above and beyond the call of duty.

"It's been kind of somber, quiet," Brenda Thomas said. "It's different, you know, since everything happened."

Blue ribbons, blue flags and blue porch lights all hang in honor of Rodman the day he was laid to rest in Cave Hill Cemetery.

"Anything he could do to help, he would," said Dan Hund, who knew Rodman for his compassion. "It just seemed like he liked people."

Rodman used to keep teddy bears in his patrol car for children needing comfort. One time, he handed out popsicles to kids in the neighborhood.

"He was one of the police officers that made a difference," Hund said.

Several blocks away, a small memorial commemorates the crash site. 

"I put a thank you card on the memorial," said Sharon Pittman, who drove up on the crash last week.

"The first thing I saw was the police car," she recalled. "It was smoke coming up, but more steam from the fire extinguishers."

Pittman said she saw Rodman's fellow officers rush him to the hospital.

"There were several of them that backed up and took off, and those were the ones that had him in the vehicle," she said.

She's been wearing a blue ribbon pinned to her shirt ever since to let people know the city won't forget the service and sacrifice of a hero.

"It's heartwarming to see our community pull together," she said. "Not just Portland, but everybody."

Neighbors said they want to give back to Rodman's family. They're starting to plan several community fundraisers for later this spring.

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