LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville grandma is going viral after a video of her singing was posted on Facebook.

Sylvia Jeneanne Weibel, 78, is Facebook’s latest star after her rendition of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" hit nearly one million views.

After her birthday party in February, she got home and grabbed the mic to her mini-karaoke machine and started to sing. Her daughter Pam began to stream it on Facebook Live.

“I didn’t dream it would take off," Weibel said. "I just didn’t dream it."

The video has been averaging 60,000 to 90,000 views a day with comments from as far away as the Netherlands and Scotland.

Sylvia’s favorite singer is Patsy Cline. She even entered a Patsy Cline contest 20 years ago and won, a title she says says is because of her life-long Kentucky roots. 

“I sing country, I talk country … I am country” Weibel said.

“She even sang at my wedding, and people thought she was lip-syncing,” Weibel said.

Local nursing homes and community centers are now asking Sylvia to sing more often at their events, and she is enjoying her sudden celebrity status.  

“If I sing a song and it touches them then, I did my job for the day,” Weibel said.

A second video is not out of the question, but she has no plans to do another one right now, nor would she ever want to do a duet with any present-day country stars. 

“I like them," she said. "They’re fine."

To check out Sylvia’s video of “Blue Moon of Kentucky," click here.

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