Entrepreneurs, techies, designers and programmers are turning their ideas into cash this weekend at Startup Weekend Louisville

“Everything that we do is meant to start a business in the fastest, most efficient way possible in just 54 hours,” said Paul Blakeley, lead organizer of Startup Weekend Louisville.

Participants will split into small teams to develop an idea.

“[We] validate whether or not an idea is even good,” Blakeley said.

The teams pitch ideas to a panel of judges and can win resources to turn the idea into a real-life startup company. There are always success stories from the weekend, like Rover.com, which is a pet service website from a company now worth millions.

“[Lots of people say], 'Aw man, I thought of that! Why didn't I do that?,'" Blakeley said. "This gives you the chance to avoid doing that."

Anyone can join Startup Weekend Louisville, including after the event starts. To register, click here.

“We've had doctors and lawyers and 7-year-olds come and participate,” said Daniel Johnsen, organizer of Startup Weekend Louisville.

The purpose of the weekend is to give creators experience, motivation and a chance to network.

“Complete strangers work together in a collaborative spirit to bring something to life,” Johnsen said.

Startup Weekend Louisville is at the LouieLab at 745 Main Street in downtown Louisville from Friday, April 7 until Sunday, April 9.

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