ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The morning and evening drive, to and from work, becomes a pretty mundane part of your day. 

You've passed the same exit dozens of times before. The same billboard has been up for months.

But road signs that are usually part of that same old routine are grabbing the attention of drivers.

"Ain't nobody got time for a wreck. Slow it down," is a popular message for people coming into Kentucky from Tennessee.

A sign in Louisville reads, "The luck of the Irish won't help if you drive drunk."

It caught a lot of Louisville eyes around St. Patrick's Day.

"It does get your attention, it does," Jan Hilton said. "It makes you take a second look."

Elizabethtown Police are looking to get in on the catchy slogans. 

"It was actually my wife's idea. [She said], 'Why don't you post something on Facebook and get our local residents to come up with some catchy slogans?'" said Officer Virgil Willoughby. 

Like most good men, Willoughby knows his wife is always right. He put the post up on the Elizabethtown Police Facebook page, and the ideas started flowing. 

They already gave "Texting while driving? Oh cell no!" a try.

"Get your head out of your apps and drive" was also popular back at the police department. There have been a few complaints.

"It also might distract somebody, in order for them to get into a wreck," Stephanie Stikes said.

Willoughby says he knew some people would feel that way.

"We want people's eyes on the road," he said. "If you're looking at a message board, it's better than looking down at your cell phone."

Police think the new approach is working.

"If you put up the same message over and over again, people will just kind of bypass it and not even look at it," Willoughby said.

To share your slogan suggestions with the Elizabethtown Police Department, click here.

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