UNDERWOOD, Ind. (WDRB) -- A garage fire in southern Indiana on Thursday led to an explosion that fire officials say could be heard up to two miles away.

A man renting a home on US 31 in Underwood said he was working on his car in the garage. According to Monroe Township Fire Chief Mark Furnish, the car backfired, lighting the garage on fire.

The man went to get a garden hose in an attempt to put the fire out, but the fire quickly reached oxygen bottles in the garage, causing the explosion.

Two of the man's relatives were in the house at the time, but they got out unharmed.

“He went to get a garden hose to try to put the fire out and that was when there was a second explosion, which we believe was an oxygen bottle that he was breathing on,” Furnish said.  

There is severe damage to the home, and the renters are trying to figure out where they will live.

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