LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- It was a touching show of support on Sunday through art to remember an LMPD officer killed in the line of duty.

Allen Schroeder and his 11-year-old son James do wood carving as a hobby out of their garage in Louisville’s First Division – the same area Officer Nick Rodman patrolled.

The father and son say they created a plaque to honor the fallen officer, who lost his life last month during a police pursuit that ended in a crash. “Maybe this will make them feel a little better we’re hoping, but I don’t think … it will never replace him,” Allen Schroeder said.

On Sunday afternoon, the two presented the plaque to LMPD Officer Nick Dewees, a close friend and squad partner of Officer Rodman.

Officer Dewees also tearfully spoke at Officer Rodman’s Police memorial service. “It is wonderful and it’s heartwarming,” said Dewees, after receiving the plaque. “These are the people we do the job for.”

Allen and James tell WDRB they conceptualized the plaque on Friday, got the supplies and created it in their garage in less than 24 hours.

They say it is the least they can do to show support for a man they never met, but have the utmost respect for. “I was doing it for the police officer for what he has done,” said James Schroeder.

Officer Dewees says he will speak to Officer Rodman’s family as to where the plaque will be permanently placed.

In the meantime, Officer Dewees thinks it will be displayed in the First Division where Officer Rodman patrolled.

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