LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There's something to be said about a mother's intuition. 

Stephanie Shoemaker's was spot on with the death of her son, though sometimes being right doesn't feel any better.

"I just knew," she said. "I felt it."

On Monday, Laquan Owsley, 35, and Colton Bruce, 23, pleaded not guilty to Sean Shoemaker's murder, reversing what was first suspected as a heroin overdose death. 

"I'm glad to know they're off the street and they can't hurt nobody else, but it can't bring my son back," Stephanie Shoemaker said Monday.

Aaron Radcliff found Sean Shoemaker in a creek in the Woodridge Lake on Feb. 27 and police originally said they "didn't suspect foul play." Sean Shoemaker had no shirt on, and his pants were around his ankles, so is mother thought otherwise.

"I knew my son," Stephanie Shoemaker said. "I knew he wasn't down there by himself."

Sean Shoemaker, 21, had been missing for days, never returning from work release at Louisville Community Correctional Center, a low-security jail. 

Court records now reveal an eyewitness came forward saying Owsley and Bruce assaulted Shoemaker before dumping his body in the creek. 

"He grew up with Colton and LaQuan," Stephanie Shoemaker said. "(They) came into our lives a couple years ago when my mom first got sick." 

Police haven't released a motive yet for the murder, but the family has its suspicions.

"Hopefully, the other people involved in it will be arrested too, and the whole story will come out," said Joey Shoemaker, Sean's brother.

Sean Shoemaker's official cause of death is still pending toxicology results. It's due back anytime in the next two to three weeks. 

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