Fourth and fifth grade students at Blue Lick Elementary School got a lesson on computer science Tuesday straight from Google experts.

"We want to show that coding isn’t something that's really foreign and scary,” Google spokesperson Alex Sanchez said.  “We want to show that this is something that's really fun, and they can use it to create some cool things.”

The students learned how to code and create animations. They made animated waves move, and they made an animated boat float with a few clicks of a mouse.

Sanchez says getting students interested in computer science at a young age could help spark an interest for future career.

“Right now, there are 500,000 computer science jobs that go unfilled [in the United States], Sanchez said. “We expect that number to double by 2020.”

At Blue Lick Elementary, students learn how to code as early as kindergarten. That's before most can read.

“All the way from Kindergarten through fifth grade, I teach all of them,” Blue Lick Technology teacher Michael Miller said. “They've all experienced some coding with computer programming to some degree.”

“This is kind of beginner coding,” fifth grader Jasmine Hafling said.

Students say it's just another tool to save to their desktop that could help them make some big bucks one day. 

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