LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The attorney for a Elizabethtown man dragged off of an overbooked United Airlines aircraft over the weekend says he suffered a significant concussion, a broken nose and lost two teeth as a result of the scuffle.

The revelation came during a news conference Thursday morning that included comments from attorneys of Dr. David Dao, as well as Dao's daughter. 

Attorney Thomas A. Demetrio told the media that a lawsuit would be filed on behalf of his client, and to protect the rights of all airline passengers. Demetrio said the suit will be filed when "our investigative work is done -- I don't really have a clue when that will be." 

Demetrio said airlines and other "common carriers" have the "highest duty of care" to provide "protection and safety" to passengers.

Instead, Demetrio said that "for a long time," the airlines have "bullied" passengers and treated them, "less than we deserve."

"If you're going to eject a passenger, under no circumstances can it be done with unreasonable force or violence," Demetrio said.

He called on "corporate America" to give their customers the same treatment they would give their own family members.

"Just treat us with respect," he said. "Make us feel like you really care."

Demetrio declined to say that Dao was singled out for his race.

"I don't think this is a matter of race at all," he said, adding that, "I think what happened to Dao could have happened to any one of us."

He added that Dao, "is the guy to stand up for passengers going forward."

Although Dao has been discharged from the hospital, Demetrio said he suffered a severe concussion, a broken nose and two lost teeth as a result of "disembarking that plane." He said Dao would require reconstructive surgery.

"He is shaken," Demetrio said.

He added that Dao left Vietnam in 1975 during the fall of Saigon -- but said he found the incident on the plane to be more terrifying than that incident.

Dao's daughter, Crystal, spoke briefly, thanking the public for their well-wishes.

"It has been a very difficult time for our entire family," she said. "What happened to my Dad should never happen to another human being."

She said it was particularly horrifying to watch the incident on a viral video.

"Seeing it on video made those emotions exacerbated," she said. "My dad is healing right now -- and that's all I have to say about that."

Demetrio said Dao does not want to speak with reporters. 

"Dr. Dao is in a secure location," Demetrio said. "I can't tell you where he is, because you guys are really good at what you do. Our plea is please leave the guy alone. Really. Let let him go."

Chicago Aviation police forcibly removed David Dao, a physician who practices in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, from a a flight bound for Louisville from Chicago O'Hare Sunday night. The flight was overbooked and Dao refused to give up his seat. 

United Airlines says it selected four passengers, at random, to be removed from the flight to make room for flight crew members. New cell phone video shows Dao refusing orders to get off the plane.


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