Remember when one of the airlines decided they could save hundreds of thousands by removing a few olives in their in-flight meals? Then they decided that eliminating meals altogether would really save some money.

Next to go were the formerly free bag charges, as travelers were gouged for $35 to hundreds, depending on quantity and weight.  

Charging extra for a window or aisle seat soon followed. Little by little they were telling you that as a customer, you were becoming less important. What's your alternative? Take a bus? But United Airlines has now found the best way yet to tell their customers that they're nothing more than freight. 

Last weekend, after letting their passengers board a plane, they then kicked four of them off so another crew could get to Louisville. Dr. David Dao thought this was outrageous, and refused to leave.

So they physically pulled him from his seat, smashed his head on an armrest, and then dragged his limp body off the plane. And now that United CEO Oscar Munoz has defended the indefensible actions of his employees, I think we can pretty much agree that all pretenses of customer service are now a thing of the past.

Maybe next they'll take out all the seats and just make us stand for our flights. That would squeeze a lot more people in.  

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.