LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 15-year-old was arrested Thursday after a huge southern Indiana fire caused $500,000 in damage Wednesday.

Clarksville detectives say the boy and his neighborhood friends hung out in the area of Tom Stinnett RV a lot. He allegedly wanted to see what would happen if he used a lighter to start a fire. And he certainly found out.

It took the strength of the Clarksville Fire Department to extinguish the flames. In total, 12 RVs were damaged. 

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull says he's looking into charging the teen as an adult with arson. 

"In this case, I'm exploring that option of seeing whether legal ground exist to ask the judge to wave the matter to adult court to prosecute this individual as an adult," Mull said.

The suspect's friends aren't facing any charges. They apparently tried to stop the fire from being set. 

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