SHIVELY, Ky. (WDRB) -- A busy stretch of road in Shively claimed the lives of two pedestrians last week and now residents, business owners, and police are hoping for changes.

On Wednesday night, a man was hit and killed near the intersection of Dixie Highway and Ralph Ave. and another pedestrian hit and killed Saturday morning at Dixie Highway and Farnsley Road.

In neither of the accidents were the pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk.

Naseem Asseff has owned a gardening business on Dixie Highway and Farnsley Road for 13 years and every day sees people dart across the road.

“A lot of people here don’t have cars and they do walk across the street. They don’t have a choice,” Asseff said. “They need crosswalks because even at this intersection we don’t have a cross walk.”

WDRB noticed several people Monday afternoon darting through traffic near where the pedestrian accidents happened – some of them just inches from being hit.

Shively Police say it takes the cooperation of pedestrians and drivers to look out for each other – often drivers never see the pedestrian before they are hit.

“In neither of these cases and many other cases we’ve had has speed been a contributing factor ... so we don’t feel like enforcement is necessarily the answer,” said Sgt. Josh Myers of the Shively Police Department. “It’s more of a combination of a very, very trafficked road and in conjunction with a lot of foot traffic in the area.”

Police believe most of the pedestrian accidents happen at night because it is tougher to judge how far away an approaching vehicle is.

Asseff thinks the lack of crosswalks is just part of what causes the accidents.

“Over here if someone wants to make a left turn during the day time it’s almost impossible and they need more red lights,” Asseff said.

Police say neither of the drivers involved in those deadly Pedestrian accidents are facing changes.

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