BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bardstown is getting new leadership.

City Council selected former mayor and Councilman Dick Heaton as the new mayor of Bardstown.

Heaton's appointment comes less than a week after Bardstown mayor, John Royalty was fired. Heaton will serve through unexpired term of John Royalty. 

"I think he should've been kicked out right after he went in," said Bardstown resident Keith Rogers, who says he helped campaign for Royalty. "He sure surprised me. He didn't do anything he said he was gonna do"

The Bardstown City Council voted unanimously last week, to fire the former mayor, after he was found guilty of official misconduct. Council members found that Royalty used city resources to access employees' private emails.

"This is my 5th term, and what I've been through the past two years is unprecedented," said councilman Roland Williams."From this point forward, we just want to be positive. Turn the page, and look to another chapter in our city government."

Royalty testified in his own defense, saying his actions were within his executive authority. Council members decided Royalty abused his power.

"I was thinking of perhaps running next year anyhow," Heaton said. "I don't like to rush into anything. I wanted to have some time to serve and have some time to get my hands around what was going on in the city."

The city's Public Works Director served as acting Mayor until Heaton was appointed.

Following the decision, WDRB reached out to Royalty by phone -- he referred all questions to his attorney.

Heaton's term will start immediately and lasts until Dec. 31, 2018.

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