PARACHUTE, Co. (WDRB) -- Another first for Colorado's marijuana business.  The first drive-thru pot dispensary opens this week. 

Tumbleweed Express opens its doors in the small town of Parachute on Thursday.  Customers will be able to drive up, order from an outside menu and pay for the product inside.  

There are a variety of marijuana-based products to sample including edibles like chocolate and caramels. And of course, there are plenty of varieties to smoke the more traditional ways.

The same business has a so-called "soccer mom entrance" in the back of the building.  The owner says that door is for customers who want to stay discreet. They can drive up, get out and go in without anyone seeing them. 

Tumbleweed Express is a small chain of dispensaries. They had to get approval from the Marijuana Enforcement Division for the drive-thru.  Customers must be 21 to enter the business, and that includes anyone in the backseat of the car. The business also has to have security, surveillance and keep marijuana from being seen outside the dispensary. 

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