LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to hundreds of people in Louisville Tuesday at the Louisville Palace Theatre as part of a cross-country tour.

Senator Sanders didn't hold back in his speech, taking on the Republican leadership, including President Donald Trump.

"No, president Trump. We are not gonna give you and other billionaires hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks and then cut back on education, food stamps, or the needs of our children or the sick," Sanders said. 

The senator attacked the top one percent of income earners and the quote "billionaire class."

He spoke about raising the minimum wage, providing healthcare for all, and free public college education.

Senator Sanders says rebuilding infrastructure needs to be addressed and action needs to be taken to stop climate change.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez was on hand to hear the speech and introduced the senator.

“There’s an incredible energy here in Louisville and around the state. Energy that says the Democratic Party is all about fairness and opportunity," Perez said in an interview prior to the event.

Sanders spoke directly to Kentuckians about the Republican's healthcare plan that was voted down by congress.

"You don't need a PHD in economics to know that it is immoral and bad economics to support legislation that would throw hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians off of the healthcare that they have would do serious damage to the economy here," Sanders said.

Tres Watson, a spokesperson for the Republican Party of Kentucky issued a statement on the visit saying:

"I'm glad Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders and former Obama Labor Secretary, Californian Tom Perez, could come to Louisville to remind Kentuckians why they've elected more and more Republicans. Kentuckians have roundly rejected the ultra-liberal, anti-jobs platform of coastal elites like Sanders and Perez. The national Democrats' embrace of these policies has resulted in tremendous growth for the Republican Party here in Kentucky."

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, also released a statement following the speech, saying in part, "over the past few election cycles, Bluegrass voters have soundly rejected the job-killing, leftist policies espoused by Perez, Sanders, and the Democrat Party. Instead, voters have entrusted Republicans to apply conservative principles to lead Kentucky forward."

Senator Bernie Sanders plans to continue the speaking tour across the country.

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