I hate to suggest that someone should lose his job. But sometimes, you just have to admit when someone is in over his head. And President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer is definitely floundering in the deep end of the pool.

It doesn’t bother me that he’s sometimes perceived as offensive. Plenty of people are. But he’s proven time and again that he’s simply not very competent.

His non-stop gaffes have made him America’s laughing stock on "Saturday Night Live," and it’s not because their writers are so darned clever. It’s because he does most of the writing for them and supplies endless ammunition for their attacks.

Take his most recent fiasco – his insistence that "even Hitler didn’t sink to using chemical weapons during World War II."  As a press secretary, he should know that to compare anything or anyone to Hitler is usually a very bad idea. But to forget that Hitler actually gassed millions of people is beyond irresponsible. 

To refer to the concentration camps as “Holocaust Centers” is another huge error.

There are plenty of other examples I could give, but I only have ninety seconds. Just please understand this:

This isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing. It’s about having a competent spokesperson for the Trump administration. And Sean Spicer isn’t doing his boss any favors in that regard.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.