LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Organizers and fans of Thunder Over Louisville are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. 

Thunder has never been canceled for weather, but Saturday's airshow and fireworks may go off with a very rainy forecast. 

That means Air Boss Mike Riordan is making contingency plans. "Plan B means we have to got to either a low show or a flat show." A low or flat airshow means clouds are keeping pilots from their full maneuvers. The cloud level must be above 8,000 for a full airshow event, 3,000 for a low show and 1,500 for a flat show

Riordan says, "On a flat show they won't be doing any loops they can still do rolls and other procedures, but the things that take a lot of altitude like loops can't do those."

A storm would not stop the roar from lighting up the night sky. In fact, technicians are making sure of it using a sticky foil like covering over the 52 tons of fireworks being placed on the Second Street Bridge and barges for Saturday night's display 

But there are still prime seats still available to watch the airshow and fireworks indoors. The KFC Yum! Center and the Galt House Hotel both host Thunder fans each year, so people can watch everything through their wall of windows facing the Ohio River. 

And for those looking for a cheaper option the Kentucky Science Center is back with Thunder Blast.  Spokesman Gil Reyes says, "You can watch from outside under the overpass and you can stay warm entertain the kids, use the bathrooms, watch a movie-- all of that inside."

In Southern Indiana, the Olive Leaf Bistro has an all day buffet including inside seating with limited views and a covered patio. And the team at Kingfish is preparing 200-pounds of shrimp-- also offering an all you can eat package with a beer garden and live music. Manager Lisa King says, "If it rains, it's going to put a little damper on things around here.  Usually, we are sold out." 

All hoping for the best, yet preparing for the worst...and waiting for mother nature to rule.  "Weather changes a lot in this valley, so until Saturday morning, we can't be sure," says Riordan. He adds that the ceiling must be "1500 feet. If you don't have enough visibility to see the tops of the buildings in the downtown area. then you probably don't have enough to fly an aircraft."

There are 15 military and 12 civilian acts scheduled for this year's Thunder. The airshow starts at 2:30 and fireworks at 9:30.

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