LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - It's all systems go for Thunder Over Louisville this weekend.

The clock is ticking and the Command Center is buzzing. Despite a rainy forecast, crews are working to make sure everything goes off Saturday without a hitch. Nick Coleman was among the many people in the Command Center Friday. He'll have one of the best views -- from the cockpit of his 1939 Taylorcraft plane. 

"You're coming into a series of bridges, you hit that last bridge, and you hit the airshow box, and you're just looking on both sides, and you're seeing thousands of people on both sides of the river, it's an awesome show," Coleman said. 

Even though Saturday's forecast is less than ideal, the show will go on, but the weather could impact the type of show you see. 

"We're moving forward with the A-Plan," said Thunder Producer Wayne Hettinger. "We do have several B, C, D, and E plans, and we'll pull those in if we have to. So yeah, we're capable of shifting and moving, including the fireworks, to a degree."

With a low cloud ceiling expected, crews at the Galt House Command Center say the planes will likely have to fly a low or "flat" airshow because the planes won't be able to perform as many maneuvers. That's a call that will be made on the morning of the show. 

"A flat show means you're gonna get a little bit closer to the aircraft, it's going to be a little bit louder, but we will have an airshow tomorrow and then the fireworks at 9:30," said Aimee Boyd, Derby Festival Vice President of Communications.  


Meanwhile, crews on the Second Street Bridge have been working to keep the fireworks dry, by carefully wrapping each shell in aluminum foil. 

One of the best places to watch the fireworks is from the Great Lawn. Waterfront Park opens up at 9 a.m., with food vendors opening at 11. Camping out overnight is not allowed. You can bring blankets, but tents or stakes are prohibited. You can bring tarps and other rain gear.

"Obviously you're going to want to bring a poncho, dress in layers, it's gonna be chillier," Boyd said. "Plan your day. Know how long you're gonna stay. And kind of plan your day. The whole day can be long for little kids."

Thunder organizers have been planning this year's show since the day after last year's show, and there are no plans to cancel, regardless of the forecast. 

"I can promise you this, the show is gonna happen tomorrow," Hettinger said. "Period." 

The air show crowds will bring heavy traffic downtown. LMPD is asking for patience and wants drivers to plan ahead when they pick a parking spot.

“If you know that when you leave you have to head east, try to park east of Second Street. If you have to head west, park west of Second Street, south, try to park south of Broadway. It will make about a five or six block walk to the river but it will be worth it in the end,” LMPD Spokesperson Lamont Washington said.

The air show is scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m.


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