LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The weather didn't stop thousands of people from for showing up to see Thunder Over Louisville Saturday.

The rain kept the crowds for the air show light earlier today, but as the weather improved, more people came out to see the spectacular fireworks in the sky.

No matter the weather, the show must go on for people like Alex Starks. Starks battled the elements to carve out her family's spot right near the Ohio River. She's been coming to Thunder Over Louisville since she was a kid.

"Rain or shine, it's just one of my favorite parts of the year," she said. "We got here at 8:00 this morning -- got a little bit of a late start -- but we got in line just in the right time to open up the gates and get in and get our spot."

The Stonewall family is new to Louisville and was checking out the air show for the first time.

"I heard about the hype and so really wanted to see what is this all about -- and so far so good," Curtis Stonewall said. "The weather wasn't gonna stop me. I've been in worse weather before."

"I think it's great," Pam Stonewall said. "I like watching the planes. I've learned some history about the planes and what they do."

The excitement for the planes brought in Joseph Tuma and his family to watch from Jeffersonville.

"The fighter jets -- the F-16s and the F-18s," Tuma said.

For Tuma, planning an exit was key.

"I really like to get a little closer, but depending on traffic," he said. "It's nice to be able to get out to the back streets and get out here."

Police and firefighters from all over came to keep traffic moving and everyone safe.

"With the responders that we have in Indiana, we have roughly 400 that come to the area from all over the state -- anywhere from federal to state to local entities that help with the preparation and then the event itself." said Sgt. Justin Ames of the Jeffersonville Fire Department.

No matter the side of the river, the performers like the Golden Knights kept the eyes glued to the skies.

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