CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A 75-year-old Walmart greeter has a broken hip after a painful confrontation with a shoplifter.

It happened at the store on Veterans Parkway in Clarksville, Indiana, in late March when Patricia Wilson, a greeter at the store, confronted a man leaving the store with merchandise he didn't pay for.

"He has a cart full, I mean, large merchandise underneath some bathroom tissue," Wilson said. "So, I went over to him and asked for his receipt."

Right now, Wilson is recovering from hip replacement surgery. By phone, she explained what happened next.

"He didn't say a word ... he just automatically turned the cart towards me, and I thought he was going to knock me over, so, my instinct was to grab hold," she said.

Wilson said the suspect pulled away, and she took a painful fall.

"I landed on my hip. I couldn't move, I felt like I was paralyzed," Wilson said.

"This happened around 4 in the morning," said Detective Ray Hall, with Clarksville Police.

Hall is trying to identify the shoplifter, and said the suspect is facing more than just a shoplifting charge.

"Since he forcibly took the product from a Walmart employee, he will be charged with strong arm robbery," Hall said.

Police say the suspect left the scene in an older model car.

"It looks like he loaded the computer or the products in the backseat, on the passenger side and then got in on the passenger side as well," Hall said.

Meanwhile, Wilson left the scene on a stretcher, with a broken hip and regret.

"I would never try to stop him or anything, but I do regret asking for his receipt," Wilson said.

If you have any information about the suspect or the case, you're asked to contact the Clarksville Police Department.

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