JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) – Two people are facing charges in Jackson county, Indiana after more than 200 marijuana plants are found inside their home.

Kenneth Shawn Vierling and Teresa Lynn Blair are charged with possession of and dealing marijuana.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Carothers says reserve deputies went to home in the 8000 block of N. County Road 925 to serve an arrest warrant on a man for contempt of court.

The sheriff says reserve deputies Eric Borwalski and Brad Barker were on the porch of the house, when they smelled marijuana. Investigators say the woman who answered the door was Teresa Blair, who admitted to recently smoking marijuana.

“He found she wasn't being real truthful because he found another big box of marijuana sitting there,” Carothers said.

Carothers says both Vierling and Blair the consented to a search of their house, and that’s when deputies found around 225 marijuana plants growing inside.

As it turns out, the man who was originally supposed to be served with that warrant did not actually live at the home.

“It's probably $10,000 worth of marijuana,” Carothers said. “But it’s like anything, until it’s completed and sold, it’s not worth anything.”

Vierling and Blair were both arrested without incident at the home.

“It was an accidental bust, and like anything, if you don't go out and knock and get around, you won't find anything,” Carothers said.  

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