LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After the Run for the Roses, and right around the time the new pride of horse racing is in the winner's circle, there's another race already out of the gate.It's happens outside of Churchill Downs. Big crowds of people in their bow ties and big hats look for a way home. 

The price is often sky high. 

"I know a buddy who had to spend about 100 bucks last year on an Uber," one Louisvillian told WDRB.

But, local cab companies say they're doing their best to pump the brakes on Derby price gouging.

The owners of Yellow, Green, and Orange Cab say they won't apply for entertainment fees this year, which usually allow companies to up prices during popular events.

"We will be charging the same thing on Derby weekend as we would on an obscure Tuesday in the middle of July," cab company spokesman, Larry Bisig said.

It also allows the companies to take a shot at Uber and Lyft -- both companies that have put a dent in the taxi and cab industry.

"It's the wild wild west out there in terms of what an individual can charge a guest or resident," Bisig said.

Surge pricing can soar up to 10 times the normal rate during race weekend.

Officials with Orange, Yellow, and Green cab companies say raising fares doesn't show the kind of hospitality the Derby City is known for every other weekend of the year.

"This is a significant step that will save guests and Louisvillians thousands of dollars over Derby weekend," said Bisig.

WDRB reached out to Uber and Lyft on Twitter. So far, they haven't responded to our request for comment on this story.

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