Louisville, Ky (WDRB) Court documents reveal former Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell is under federal investigation. That came out in documents filed by Garry Adams, the attorney for John Cottrell. Cottrell is the former second in command of the Sheriff's Office. Documents say the federal government interviewed former Chief Deputy Cottrell about Greenwell.

Back in January, WDRB interviewed Cottrell. He said, "I sustained an injury while I was on duty at the Sheriff's Office and again that's part of my civil case. I really can't discuss a lot about it." When asked about how the Sheriff's Office is treating the case, Cottrell says, "I can't tell you what's going through Dave Greenwell's mind. I don't know what he's thinking."

Cottrell filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Greenwell alleging he was fired for revealing the former sheriff is involved in serious criminal activity. In this document, Adams says they've been made aware "there is a substantial possibility that Greenwell may be the subject of federal grand jury proceedings in the near future."

Adams says because Cottrell is a whistleblower he is protected from publicly disclosing details. Greenwell denies the allegations and wants the lawsuit dismissed saying it's too vague.

Sources tell WDRB News, the federal investigation is related to Chris Mattingly - a former special deputy who Greenwell talked about at a hearing for a fired employee. Mattingly was part of another federal investigation and Bullitt County Sheriff's Office investigation.

Attorney Mike Moulton asked Greenwell, "While this federal investigation was ongoing, did you ever have conversations with Chris Mattingly regarding the investigation?" 

Carol Pettit, Greenwell's attorney for the civil case says, "Objection. He's not answering." Greenwell says, "I'm not answering."

Mattingly pleaded guilty to federal drug charges that alleged he was part of a drug cell in Kentucky with ties to Mexico. He's expected to be sentenced next week. Mattingly's car business and Greenwell's house are right next to each other. They are neighbors.

Moulton says, "Your son bought a car from the Mattingly's in September of 2015. Are you aware of that?" Greenwell says, "Yes."

Moulton says, "Was the criminal investigation going on still?" Greenwell says, "The criminal investigation, yes it was going on."

Greenwell was the Bullitt County Sheriff from 2011 to February of this year, when he abruptly retired.

Adams says, "Hopefully someday we'll be able to reveal the underlining investigation and issues."

Adams is asking for the judge to hold off on making a decision on dismissing the lawsuit or not at least wait 30 days to decide.

Greenwell's criminal defense attorney is not commenting on the newly released documents.

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