LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- She survived bombs in Iraq, but lost her life at the hands of a hit and run driver.

And despite the heartache and grief, the victim's family has a surprising message for the person who killed their loved one.

"I do forgive the person that hit her, but I would like to tell you in person that I forgive you," said Maguerite Malone, mother of fatal hit and run victim.

Although she is shrouded in grief, Malone is willing to forgive the person responsible for the heartache, but she wants that person to make the first move.

"But it's hard to forgive you if you are going to run and hide," Malone said. 

On Saturday morning, 35-year old Monedria Malone was hit by a car at the corner of Indian Trail and Unseld Boulevard in Newburg. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I seen all the lights, the police and the ambulance and whatever else was going on down there," said Malone.

Ironically, Malone drove past the scene on her way to the grocery store.

She said, "And all I could do was hold my head and pray that it wasn't nobody that I knew."

But a short time later, came the heartbreaking news.

"Within 10 minutes after I got back, that's when the coroner knocked on the door with her VA ID in his hand," Malone said. "And he told me and all I could do was just fall to the floor."

Monedria was a Central High School graduate and a proud U.S. Army veteran -- who survived the war in Iraq.

"And she have told bit and pieces -- how she heard the bombs," Malone said. 

At the scene, a memorial of silk flowers, balloons and a stuff teddy bear mark the spot where she lost her life. Police don't know who is responsible but believe the person was driving a dark two-door KIA or Honda and left the scene with damage to the windshield and airbag deployed.

"I'd get the license number without the people knowing it and call the police," said Tony Duncan, who owns Duncan's Body Shop.

Duncan has not seen the dark car, but he does have a tip for police.

"They should be able to call the dealers and inquire if somebody has bought an airbag for that specific vehicle," Duncan said. 

Even if that doesn't lead to an arrest, Malone still has forgiveness in her heart. And she hopes her words will lead to a peaceful surrender.

"I know you probably got scared and panicked," Malone said. "And that's okay, but come, come back, get somebody to come with you, get an attorney to come with you. 

Monedria Malone's funeral will be held on Saturday. If you have any information to share, please call the Metro Police Department's anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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