LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Three men involved in the murder of a 16-month-old girl in Louisville in 2014 have been sentenced. 

Duwan Mason, William McLemore, and Demarkus Tramber were convicted of wanton murder, first degree assault, and four counts wanton endangerment in February in the death of Ne'Riah Miller, who died after she was shot in her mother's arms on the front porch of their home in august of 2014.

On Friday, Judge McKay Chauvin decided to follow the jury's recommendation, which was 35 years for McLemore and 35 years for Mason. They can both appeal. 

"The verdict that the jury gave in this case was particularly thoughtful," Chauvin said. "If they sentenced you because of how they felt, you would all be getting a life sentence. Because that's how they felt." 

When Chauvin asked the three men if they had any comments, all of them said no. 

Miller's grandmother, Sherri Miller, didn't mince words about what she thinks about the sentence.

"Ain't nobody say they were sorry, nobody had anything to say and that wasn't right," Miller said. "I feel that if you did the crime, you do all the time that you got."

Tramber was sentenced to 20 years under an agreement with the Commonwealth. He cannot appeal. His family was angry with that sentence, saying he wasn't involved with the crime.

"I feel like it was a weak case, they didn't have no evidence, they didn't have nothing," said Tramber's grandmother, Schvonda Tramber. "It was a sympathy case."

Attorneys for McLemore and Mason say they do plan to file an appeal. 


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