LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Louisville Metro Police are investigating after a fatal shooting in the Russell neighborhood.

"The officer came and knocked on the door and everything and told me that they found another body back there," said Steve Rios, who lives in the area.

The body of 19-year-old Jaquay Rodgers was discovered Friday morning in an alley near 31st Street and River Park Drive.

"There's a lot of that stuff going around," Rios said. 

Rios doesn't know Rodgers, but he does know it's not the first one found in the alley.

"About 7 months ago ... or something like that, they found a woman back there," he said.

LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said there have been at least two other homicide victims found there. 

Right now, police don't have a lot of information to share about Rodgers or the case.

"Again, it's another tragic death in Louisville, Kentucky," Mitchell said. 

After 40 murders so far this year, sadly, it is not even surprising to some.

"No, it didn't surprise me and it's very frustrating," said Neal Robertson, president of the West Louisville Urban Coalition.

Robertson was one of several activists on the scene. Most have a different approach to reducing violence, but some of the same concerns.

"What is the root of the problem, why are people out killing each other in broad daylight," Robertson said.

Dr. Eddie Woods is another longtime activist.

"Everybody is trying, we gotta do a little better job of us talking to each other, the folks that are trying," Woods said. 

Meanwhile, as detectives look for evidence and suspects, cameras installed to catch illegal dumping could be the perfect eyewitness and answer a lot of questions.

"That's one of the prime areas where people dump junk, they're dumping bodies back there, too," Robertson said. 

"I would like to know what happened," Rios said.

LMPD is asking for anyone with information to please call the tip line at 502-574-LMPD. 

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