LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- An inmate at Louisville's Metro Corrections says he's so fed up with conditions behind bars, he's filing a lawsuit against the jail's director. 

James Lang describes being an inmate at Metro Corrections as cruel and unusual punishment. 

Friday, he took his frustrations to a Louisville judge.

"These are safety violations that are immediate, dangerous, and deliberately permitted," Lang told the courtroom.

He's in Metro Corrections after being transferred from an eastern Kentucky prison. Lang is answering to robbery charges in Louisville. 

He says not only is the jail extremely overcrowded, but there have also been several occasions where he hasn't been fed, or given the medicine he needs. 
Lang also claims there are days toilets inside the jail aren't working, forcing inmates to go to the bathroom elsewhere.

Metro Corrections Director, Mark Bolton didn't appear in court on Friday, but his assistant says most of Lang's claims simply are not true. 

He admits overcrowding is an issue, but says neither Bolton nor his staff can control how many people come in and out of jail. 

"Inmates don't always tell the truth. Nobody is being deprived of the necessities of life. Yeah, I understand it's not as comfortable as some people like it, but it's jail," said Assistant Director of Metro Corrections, Steve Durham. 

This all comes on the heels of news that  hundreds of FOP members are preparing to take a "no confidence" vote-- showing faith in Director Bolton may be dwindling.

The judge in the Lang vs. Bolton case says she's going to look at all the information shared in court to see if the suit will go any further in the court process. 

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