LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- UPS has a new way of getting your online shopping orders to your door. 

The shipping giant is partnering with SealedAir -- the company that invented bubble wrap -- to help get packages to your door more efficiently.

"We became a business by inventing bubble wrap nearly 60 years ago," said Ken Chrisman President of SealedAir product care division. "I know it seems silly for a packaging company to say this, but we want people to use less packaging." 

Each machine at the UPS logistics facility is designed to wraps each package in a different way depending on the size of the object being shipped, whether it's DVDs, laundry detergent or clothes. 

"I remember one time I ordered a small set of ear buds and it came in a one foot by one foot by one foot box," said UPS Chief Operating Officer Alan Gershenhorn. "You could have probably fit 100 in there."

The machines do three basic things to save businesses money on shipping costs - and according to UPS, when a business saves money the consumer saves on the cost of delivery. 

The futuristic-looking gadgets work faster than manpower. They can pack exponentially more items in a fraction of the time and they create less waste. 

"Being less wasteful also makes for more efficiency," Gershenhorn said. "It reduces your shipping costs, it reduces your material costs."

Finally, the material the machines use to protect packages is sustainable. Plus, the material is thinner and surprisingly more durable than the standard cardboard box and styrofoam packing peanuts.

All of that helps your delivery make it safely to your door on time the first time, so there's no need to send back damaged products. 

"You want to have your packages as small as they can possibly be and still have them arrive in the proper condition," Chrisman said. 

UPS will start using the machines and packaging materials at its new logistics facility on Tuesday.

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