LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Lucy had Ethel, Laverne had Shirley -- and at Churchill Downs, Linda has Judy.

Linda Hubbuch and Judy Henson are behind almost every picture and painting placed on a wall at the historic race track over the last 12 years. 

Their job is one you can't miss but may have never really noticed.

"You want the wow factor here," said Hubbuch, of Hubbuch and Company Architecture and Interior Design. 

"It brings everything to the space," added Henson, President and CEO of Ashley Gallery Incorporated. "If we took the art down, you'd certainly notice that."

Together, Hubbuch and Henson say they've hung about 1,300 pieces worth millions of dollars on the walls. The two ladies were working Tuesday to finish their end of a $16 million makeover on the second floor of the Churchill Downs Clubhouse.

"We've done a lot of repurposing here, and whenever they took everything down with this big renovation, they stored it, and they call us to bring it back to life," Hubbuch said. "Every time you place artwork in another place, it looks brand new."

The pair eyes every detail down to the inch. 

"It's the color and the imagery that you are bringing to the facility," Henson said. "It brings it alive and makes people happy."

To this team, the term "they're off" holds a much different meaning. It's the crowd of new eyes racing through the doors to pass by their work, 

"It's very exciting, because you know you are going to have thousands in for Derby," Henson said. "A lot of them, it's the first time they've been to the Derby." 

At the "stretch" of a long hallway or "turn" into a new room, there's a chance to put on a show.

"Everywhere you look ... there are things to teach you about horse racing," Hubbuch said, "And we try to bring out the history in the artwork."

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