SCOTT COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) – Work being done by the Indiana Department of Transportation near the Washington and Scott County border is creating a headache for some drivers and homeowners.

Back in March, INDOT began a more than $1 million project to replace a culvert near Weddle Creek just outside of Scottsburg. Neighbors now say that a lack of signage is creating a mess in their yards.

“They just keep coming in here,” said Larry Gardner, who lives on Zion Road near the construction area. “These wide trailers come in here, and they cut my yard up.”

Even though there are signs posted that no semi-trucks are permitted down this particular road, WDRB News saw one truck pull through anyway.

“We've had probably around 160, 170 trucks," Gardner said. "I've stopped and told them they'll have to turn around and go back out to (State Road) 56."

Initially, INDOT used SR 256, which runs parallel to SR 56, as a detour. However, drivers say there is a problem SR 256.

“It’s one of the worst roads in the county for flooding,” Summer Graham said. “Every time it rains, there's high water there.”

SR 256 did have to be closed Wednesday and into Thursday. Waters eventually receded, but with more rain expected, more flooding is expected as well.

Construction began at the end of March, and INDOT initially said construction would take up to 45 work days.

“It seems like every day you see a semi confused," Graham said. “People from out of town, they don't know where to go for the road closure.”

If SR 256 does flood, INDOT is directing traffic via Interstate 65 and SR 60 from Sellersburg. 

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