As Pete Robledo rummages through bags and boxes of old toys, he never knows what he'll find.

He’s a lifelong collector. He once bought a magazine from the 1960s for $6 that's now worth more than $3,000. He collects so much that’s how he’s paying for his daughter’s school.

“I collect a whole bunch of magazines and comics," he said. "Sometimes I hit a jackpot, sometimes I don't."

His odds of hitting the jackpot at the new Goodwill on Taylorsville Road in Jeffersontown are high. On Monday, he spent $4.

“I'm pretty sure I might walk out of here and make $50 or $60,” he said.

The store celebrated its grand opening Monday. Robledo says it's clean, well-lit, and the selection is top-notch.

“We're attempting to re-brand what Goodwill is,” store manager Raymond Foote said. “Someone maybe has an impression of what we are or what we were. They don't really know what we've become over the years.”

Foote said some neighbors weren't happy to see the Goodwill open at this location, but the company is trying hard to change its image, starting with the look of the building. This is one is stone and is designed look consistent with other buildings in the neighborhood.

“I think they've been receptive to us since we've done this,” Foote said. “We made some changes. We made some accommodations. We made the building look great. We are taking care of the exterior and taking care of the interior.”

The store has hired 10 people so far, according to the CEO of Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, but there are more job openings available. To apply, click here.

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