LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A woman has been found dead in her LaRue County home, along with dozens of dogs fighting for food amid filth, feces and fleas.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but LaRue County Sheriff Russell McCoy didn't need that many to describe the conditions where the dogs were found.

"It was deplorable," McCoy said. "Feces was probably an inch-and-a-half deep in the floor where they was walking on it. It looked like concrete."

"Probably the worst I've seen in the 15 years I've been doing this," McCoy added.

Authorities found 31 dogs in the home Friday off Talley Oak Hill Road while responding to a medical call. They're mostly chihuahuas and terriers, but exact breeds are a guess.

They have no papers, no shots, and appear to be inbred.

The original medical call was made to check on the dogs' owner, 68-year-old Mary Jean King, who lived in the home with her nephew, Loid Sadler, and and his wife, Lora.

It was Loid Sadler who found his aunt dead.

Early signs show Mary Jean King suffered from pneumonia, but the coroner says he needs more tests to confirm the cause of death. 

Sheriff McCoy says the dogs may not have been the only ones that were neglected.

The Sadlers were the King's caregivers, and she'd been in the hospital days earlier. 

"We're waiting for more information to see if we need to go further with a criminal issue," McCoy said.

In the meantime, Loid and Lora Sadler are charged with animal cruelty. All three family members shared one room in the trailer with the dogs, no running water and no food.

"A lot of people start out with the best of intentions, and they just get overwhelmed," said Mike McNutt, director of Hardin County Animal Control.

The dogs were taken to the Hardin County Animal Shelter. Workers say most of them appear in decent health, with the exception of one dog that needs more food. 

They're now trying to find all of them a good home 

"You need to move slow around them -- they will bite you out of fear," McNutt said. "It's just they haven't had enough human attention."

All the dogs are being vaccinated and neutered before placement. Some are just a few weeks old. 

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