LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Weddings are filled with promises "to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part." This wedding included another promise that was made about two decades ago.

Since KC Schafer was about seven years old, he has said he wanted his grandfather Charles to be the best man in his wedding.

"I just thought he was just daydreaming, talking. I didn't pay much attention to it," Charles says.

Charles, 90, had already retired by the time KC was born. KC's parents divorced when he was very young, and he and his mother lived with his grandparents. So, KC and Charles spent practically every day together.

"He was always getting into things, crawlin' around," Charles says. "He was rambunctious, but he was a good ol' boy. Good kid."

They threw baseballs in the back yard until their hands were sore. Charles laughs about trying to teach KC to pitch, though Charles admits he had no idea what he was talking about. And, Charles was always in the bleachers at KC's games.

"I wouldn't be the man I am today without him," says KC.

Fast forward several years, and KC meets Sarah and gets engaged. Charles said he liked her right away. "She's my type of girl for him," Charles admits.

The wedding planning began, and that's when KC revisited his childhood promise and asked Charles to be his best man. Charles didn't believe it, at first.

"Then one day he said we were going to get a fitting," Charles explains. "He picked me up, and there I was putting on a tux!"

Charles was born in October 1926, was drafted and served in World War II, and came home to a job at Clarksville's Colgate plant. Then, he met and married Shirley, the woman he loved and cherished until death separated them in 2015. They had been married for 65 years. Their wedding day was April 15th--the same day KC and Sarah chose to be married in Louisville.

"It just happened to be on a Saturday as well," says KC, "so it worked out perfect, like it was meant to be."

Sixty-seven years after his own wedding, Charles was standing at the altar alongside KC. The wedding date isn't the only think KC hopes to replicate.

"I always said, if I could have half the marriage and be half the man he is, I'd be doin' well," KC shares.

Charles had been in six weddings before KC's. He was the best man in four of them, and all four marriages lasted until the death of a spouse. Charles says he is the only man still living from those previous weddings.

"I guess you'd say that's the best man standing," he jokes.

All joking aside, KC says Charles really is the best man he's ever known.

"I feel blessed to have him in my life. I wish everyone else could experience the love and guidance he has," KC says.

Charles smiles, pats KC's leg and says, "You're going to make me start crying."

Wedding photos courtesy of Karissa Cochran.

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