LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Department of Corrections has moved more than 300 state inmates out of Louisville Metro Corrections over the past few weeks in an effort to provide relief for the jail's overcrowding problem.

As a result, according to a news release from Louisville Metro Corrections, Director Mark Bolton announced on Tuesday that the overflow jail space above the Louisville Metro Police Department headquarters has been closed.

The overflow space had remained open almost continuously since May 2016, the jail says. However, Bolton warned that it is inevitable that the overflow jail space will be reopened.

"I am aware that there will be an ebb and flow of this jail's inmate population," Bolton said in a statement. "I have no control over who is committed to jail or who is released from jail. What I do have control over is how I use inmate living space in this jail. I will continue to exercise sound correctional judgment to operate this jail for the safety and security of staff and inmates; and I will continue to work with criminal justice partners to find creative solutions to smartly address overcrowding. Safety and security is the primary goal of the men and women of Metro Corrections."

Metro Councilman David James, the chair of the public safety committee, says the jail at LMPD has outlived its use.

"I cringe every time I hear we have to open that up to put prisoners over there," James said.

Late last year, Bolton admitted that use of the overflow space creates headaches for officers working in LMPD headquarters.

"Every time we open up H3, it creates problems over there for the police because we are using systems, plumbing and infrastructure that's old," Bolton said.

James says consolidating the jails and increasing capacity needs to be addressed right away.

"We in Jefferson County are gonna have to decide how we're gonna deal with jail crowding," he said.

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