LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says he did the best he could when it comes to budget funding for new police officers.

Mayor Fischer's comments come as the city's police chief faces mounting criticism for changes he made to the department in September. Those changes included adding more narcotics officers, a SWAT team and a Community Services division.

Chief Conrad also ditched FLEX units, which focused on drugs and violent crimes in specific neighborhoods.

"I get a lot of wish lists with the budget, so with $900 million of wishes, we're not able to come through," Fischer said. "With a budget of $800 million or so, we try to balance all the needs from public safety, to affordable housing, to healthcare, to education -- and that's what's in the proposed budget. Now the council can take a look at it."

Budget hearings began Tuesday afternoon in front of Louisville Metro Council.

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